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Help with Body Dysphoria

We understand the importance of being able to present in the gender with which you identify.  Doing so improves your confidence and is a matter of safety and mental health.

We offer grants for the purchase of body-safe FTM Packers, FTM Binders, MTF Breast Forms and MTF Gaffs. We offer this service so that transgender men and transgender women can be confident in their presentation.

We also know that building a new wardrobe that supports you as you transition can be expensive as well. That’s why we offer the opportunity to for transgender people to apply for a grant that will allow them to purchase clothing that matches their true gender.

  • Each year Eastern PA Trans Equity Project offers a limited number of monetary grants to transgender people for the purchase of gender affirming prostheses or garments. 
  • Grants may cover the full or partial costs associated purchasing transition apparel, prostheses, or clothing.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need.
  • Grants are available to residents of Lehigh, Northampton, Bucks, Berks, Monroe, Montgomery, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon and Schuylkill Counties only.

If you are an unemployed trans woman and need assistance with an outfit for job interviews we can also refer you to The Perfect Fit for Working Women. Qualified applicants to this program receive:

Are You Unemployed?

  • One Free outfit that is appropriate for a job interview
  • Upon successfully landing a job you will receive a week’s worth of clothing suitable for your new employment.
  • Workforce preparation training is also available

Contact us for more information on this service!

Learn More About Our Transgender Programs

While our grants for gender affirming prosthetics and garments may be all you need today, be sure to explore the other transgender programs we offer to gender-diverse people.

The Eastern PA Trans Equity Project (EPTEP) serves transgender and gender diverse people throughout eastern Pennsylvania including the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. This includes the Cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and more.

We provide supportive services including Transgender Support Groups, Legal Name Change Assistance, Scholarship Programs, Educational Programs, and Emergency Assistance to people in Lehigh County, Northampton County, Luzerne County, Lackawanna County, Monroe County, Carbon County, Schuylkill County and other areas of Pennsylvania.

If you would like more information about our services or to have an EPTEP member speak at one of your events, please contact us today!