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Transgender people in the Greater Lehigh Valley and Eastern Pennsylvania often struggle with finding supportive environments in their homes and work.  Gender-Diverse people can also find it difficult to locate affirming doctors, therapists and other vendors.  The good news is that the Eastern PA Trans Equity Project continues to offer access to supportive services and resources.  Check out our free and inclusive programs below!

Peer-Led Support Groups

Lehigh Valley Renaissance is a support group that is open to all transgender and gender nonconforming people, their allies and family members.  Meetings take place the second Saturday of the month.  Click here for more information.

Partners is a support group for spouses and partners of transgender and gender-diverse individuals.  Meetings take place the second Saturday of the month and run contiguously with the Renaissance meeting.  Click here for more information.

Trans-Friendly Resource Listing

Whether you are looking for a reputable therapist, doctor, dentist, voice therapist, electrologist, hair stylist, make-up artist, or other service provider, we have a complete listing of trans-friendly service providers. Click here for more information

Downloadable Assets & Videos

We offer a wide array of downloadable materials and on-line video content that covers a wide range of topics from legal name change processes to health issues to coming out at work.  Click here for more information