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Transgender Training and policy recommendations

Eastern PA Trans Equity Project provides training and policy recommendations for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations that are seeking to become more trans inclusive.  Through our Transgender Training Bureau we can also provide informed people for panel discussions and news media appearances and comment. 

We can create a custom transgender training and policy program for your organization or you can chose from one of the topics below.  Contact us for more information and to inquire about our services. 

“Your presentation was PERFECT!  Your presentation style is amazing — I was completely engaged the entire hour — and wished we had twice as much time. “

Trans 101 / Trans cultural competency – A presentation including Q&A that introduces attendees to the concepts around gender diversity, who transgender people are, the issues that the trans community faces, and how to be an ally for gender-diverse people.  60 -120 minutes.

Healthcare Issues for Transgender People – Presented from the perspective of a transgender person, this 60-120 minute seminar focuses on the experience of transgender patients.  Includes an introduction to concepts around gender diversity, issues that impact the health of transgender people, specific health risks, and best practices that will improve the healthcare experience of transgender folk.  60 -120 minutes.

Transgender Awareness for Educators – Focusing on the issues that gender-diverse students face and the actions educators can take to improve their school experience this 120 minute this program starts off exploring gender diversity and understanding terminology.  It then focuses on specific issues that transgender students encounter, legal/privacy considerations and specific actions that educators can take to improve the experience of transgender students.  120 minutes.

Gender Transition in the Workplace – If you have a workplace with 50 or more workers, it is likely that you have a gender-diverse person working for you and it is best to be prepared before they come to you seeking to transition on the job.  Designed specifically for Managers and Human Resource personnel, this program will aid policy makers who wish to integrate gender identity and expression into their corporate policies.

Personal Safety for Transgender People – Gender Diverse and LGBT people face high levels of violence and harassment.  In this 60 minute seminar, participants will learn about ways they can improve their personal safety, avoid personal conflict, and deter an attacker.  Includes practical demonstrations.

Building a Better Support Group – Have you ever wanted more from your local support group? Would you like to start one in your area? In this interactive seminar, participants will learn how LV Renaissance undertook its effort to expand its services to include trans women, trans men, queer folk, trans youth, parents of trans children and the Cis community. We will also share and discuss the challenges support groups face for the future, best practices and opportunities.  60 minutes.

The Information You Need Delivered In a Timely Manner

Are you looking for a transgender training program or for advice on updating your policies to ensure the inclusion of transgender people? If so, reach out to us today!

We have developed Transgender Training and Policy programs for organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley and Eastern Pennsylvania including Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Philadelphia, Hazleton, Scranton, Harrisburg and many other communities.