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Transgender Training for your organization

Eastern PA Trans Equity Project provides training and policy recommendations for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations that are seeking to become more trans inclusive.  Through our Transgender Training Bureau we can also provide informed people for panel discussions and news media appearances and comment. 

We can create a custom transgender training and policy program for your organization or you can chose from one of the topics below.  Contact us for more information and to inquire about our services. 

“Your presentation was PERFECT!  Your presentation style is amazing — I was completely engaged the entire hour — and wished we had twice as much time. “

Trans 101 – Building Cultural Competency – A presentation including Q&A that introduces attendees to the concepts around gender diversity, who transgender people are, the issues that the trans community faces, and how to be an ally for gender-diverse people.  60 -120 minutes.

Affirming Medical Care for the Trans Community – Presented from the perspective of a transgender person, this 60-120 minute seminar focuses on the experience of transgender patients.  Includes an introduction to concepts around gender diversity, issues that impact the health of transgender people, specific health risks, and best practices that will improve the healthcare experience of transgender folk.  60 -120 minutes.

Supporting Trans Kids in Schools – Focusing on the issues that gender-diverse students face and the actions educators can take to improve their school experience this 120 minute this program starts off exploring gender diversity and understanding terminology.  It then focuses on specific issues that transgender students encounter, legal/privacy considerations and specific actions that educators can take to improve the experience of transgender students.  120 minutes.

Workplace Solutions – Supporting Transgender People on the Job – If you have a workplace with 50 or more workers, it is likely that you have a gender-diverse person working for you and it is best to be prepared before they come to you seeking to transition on the job.  We will explore the issues trans folk often encounter in the workplace, legal/privacy considerations, improving behaviors, and specific actions/policies that can be implemented to improve business results.  60-120 minutes.

Ally is not a Noun – It’s a Verb! – What does it mean to be an Ally and what does it take to be one?  In this workshop we will explore allyship in all of its facets including: why do people need allies?, understanding stereotypes, the benefits of inclusion, what allyship looks like, and actions you can take to become a better ally for any community.  60 minutes

Celebrating Trans Joy – Trans joy is about claiming one’s identity and celebrating it – for ourselves and as an act of revolution and resilience for our Community.  This interactive workshop will explore the concept of “Trans Joy” including how we can celebrate our transness 365 days a year, what that means for ourselves, for others, and how it can impact our Community’s future.  45-60 minutes.

Yes! You Can Become an LGBTQ Advocate – Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Lazy or ambitious? Out or stealth?  Queer or a queer ally?  No matter how you describe yourself, there are many ways that you can take action to become a better advocate for LGBTQ+ people.  In this interactive workshop we will explore what an advocate is and the actions – big and small – that you can take to make a difference!  60-90 minutes.

LGBTQ+ People and Your Business – up to 20% of your customers and your employees likely identify as an LGBTQ+ individual.  In this seminar we will explore who the LGBTQ Community is, how you can reach them as consumers and the activities you will need to implement to ensure that they are productive team members.  60 minutes.

Personal Safety for Transgender People – Gender Diverse and LGBT people face high levels of violence and harassment.  In this 60 minute seminar, participants will learn about ways they can improve their personal safety, avoid personal conflict, and deter an attacker.  Includes practical demonstrations. 60 minutes.

Building a Better Support Group – Have you ever wanted more from your local support group? Would you like to start one in your area? In this interactive seminar, participants will learn how your group can expand services to include trans women, trans men, queer folk, trans youth, parents of trans children and the Cis community. We will also share and discuss the challenges support groups face for the future, best practices and opportunities.  60 minutes.

Legally Changing Your Name in Pennsylvania – Completing a legal name change can feel intimidating. It can also be expensive! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be either of those things. Eastern PA Trans Equity Project has helped hundreds of Pennsylvania residents complete their legal name change and we want to help you too! Join us as we demystify the legal name change process and provide the guidance you need to complete your legal name change without having to incur the expense of an attorney.  60 minutes.

The Trans Housing Crisis: Practical Solutions – 31% of transgender Pennsylvanians have been homeless and 88% of them live near or below the poverty line placing them in jeopardy of losing their housing on an ongoing basis.  In this workshop we will discuss the causes of housing disparity, the shelter system, and legal requirements for housing/shelter providers, while working together to come up with practical fixes and solutions to improve results for transgender individuals who are part of the shelter system.  60 -120 minutes

Issues Around Transgender Incarceration – Transgender people are twice as likely to have been incarcerated as the general population and almost 50% of all black transgender people have been incarcerated.  In this seminar we will discuss the causes of incarceration, the issues that transgender people face when incarcerated, legal issues, and brainstorm actions that can be taken to improve results.  60 minutes.

Know Your Rights and the Law – A review of your rights under the law in areas that include: Education, Employment, Housing, Public Accommodation, Healthcare and other areas.  This presentation will include a discussion on legislative, administrative, and judicial regulations and enforcement along with a review of how LGBTQ people can seek redress in situations where they have faced discrimination. Further discussion will include how LGBTQ people can protect themselves legally.  60-90 minutes.

Anti LGBTQ Legislation – What it is About and How do We Combat It? – Over the past several years hundreds of bills have been introduced in state, county, and local legislatures that are specifically targeting transgender individuals with discriminatory actions that threatened the ability of gender-expansive people to thrive. In this workshop you will get the deeper story of why a small group of legislators and political operatives are pushing these bills. We will then dive into a discussion regarding tactics that have been successfully used to combat these bills and how you can get involved.  60-90 minutes.

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Are you looking for a transgender training program or for advice on updating your policies to ensure the inclusion of transgender people? If so, reach out to us today!

We have developed Transgender Training and Policy programs for organizations throughout Lehigh, Northampton, Monroe, Montgomery, Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Wayne, Pike, Carbon, Columbia, Schuylkill, Bradford, Wyoming, Montour, Northumberland, Lebanon, Sullivan, Tioga, Susquehanna, Lycoming, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Juniata, Perry, Snyder, Union, and York County in Pennsylvania as well as many other communities.